'Asian Cool' Greens Mix

'Asian Cool' Greens Mix
Brassica spp.

Hon Tsai Tai, Purple Mizuna, Mustard, Tatsoi
A classic mix of fast growing Asian greens. All can be used for salads and stir fries, with each adding their own character, texture and flavour. The mizuna and mustard have a little bit of bite while the hon tsai tai (purple choy sum) and tatsoi are more mild flavoured. These can be grown anytime of the year but excel in the cooler weather. The flower heads can be eaten as well. 400 seeds. Not to WA.

Price: $3.50
Sowing Periods
Cool Climate Periods Feb 1st Apr 30th
Aug 1st Oct 31st
Mild Climate Periods Mar 1st Sep 30th
Tropical Climate Periods Apr 1st Jul 31st