CHILLI ‘Poblano Ancho’

CHILLI ‘Poblano Ancho’
Capsicum annum

An indispensable chilli for Mexican cooking used in moles, adobos/pastes and salsas. The thick fleshed walls also make it ideal for grilling and stuffing with a favourite filling. A sweet mild-medium chilli that turns from dark green to a deep, deep red (so dark that it almost looks black). Pods taper to 8-12 cm long, 5 cm wide at the top. Keep sheltered for an easy to grow chilli with a good yield. Not to WA. 10 seeds.

Price: $3.50
Sowing Periods
Cool Climate Periods Sep 1st Nov 30th
Mild Climate Periods Aug 1st Dec 31st
Tropical Climate Periods Jan 1st Dec 31st