Chilli ‘Tree Chilli/Rocoto’

Chilli ‘Tree Chilli/Rocoto’
Capsicum pubescens

A booming perennial chilli that grows to 2m & produces a prodigious quantity of apple shaped hot fruit. Beautiful purple flowers that don’t cross with other chilli varieties. The thick fleshed chillis start green & ripen to red/orange, 4-7cm. A cold tolerant chilli variety, handling frost. Originating in the highlands of central and south America. Can live 10-15 years. Also known as Manzano chilli. Not to WA. 12 seeds.

Price: $3.50
Sowing Periods
Cool Climate Periods Sep 1st Nov 30th
Mild Climate Periods Aug 1st Dec 31st
Tropical Climate Periods Jan 1st Dec 31st