Corn ‘Black Aztec’

Corn ‘Black Aztec’
Zea mays

An interesting multi-use variety that was reputedly grown by the Aztecs 2,000 years ago. A vigorous plant, growing to 1.8- 2m tall & with cobs 15+cm long. The kernals are white at the milk stage and turn blue-black when mature. Eat fresh or bbq at milky stage; grind for a sweet dark corn meal when mature. Also used as a decorative corn. Untreated seed. Not to WA. 1 pkt = 60 seeds. Aprrox 4-5 seeds per gram.

Sowing Periods
Cool Climate Periods Sep 1st Dec 31st
Mild Climate Periods Sep 1st Jan 31st
Tropical Climate Periods Jan 1st Dec 31st