PEAS - SNOW Oregon Giant ‘Snowman’

PEAS - SNOW Oregon Giant ‘Snowman’
Pisum sativum macrocarpon

This very tall, climbing Snow Pea is a reliable, prolific producer of juicy, sweet 10cm long pods. Grown on a trellis or net these white flowering, climbing peas are a good variety for small areas and childrens’ vegetable gardens. Peas need well drained, limed soil and should be watered well over the summer months. They grow easily in cooler climates and will improve your garden soil. 1 Packet = 80 seeds. Bulk seed available.


Sowing Periods
Cool Climate Periods Aug 1st Oct 31st
Mild Climate Periods Mar 1st Aug 31st
Tropical Climate Periods Mar 1st Jun 30th