Rosella / Edible Hibiscus

Rosella / Edible Hibiscus
Hibiscus sabdariffa

A fast growing annual shrub (to 2m) with attractive yellow flowers. Rosella is known for its use in the kitchen where the calyx (the red fleshy cover framing the seed pods) is used to make jam, jelly, sauces, wine and tea (dry the red calyx). Young leaves can be steamed. Remove the first flush of seed pods to ensure greater yields.
For the best crop ensure rosella has 5-6 months frost free growing, so in cooler areas sow indoors to transplant to a sheltered position once the weather has warmed. Soak seed overnight in warm water, plant and keep warm (22˚C+) and moist. 15 seeds. Not to WA.

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Sowing Periods
Cool Climate Periods Oct 1st Dec 30th
Mild Climate Periods Sep 1st Dec 30th
Tropical Climate Periods Jan 1st Dec 30th