Cottage Garden Seeds

Cosmos ‘Velouette’  - Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Velouette’
Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Velouette’

A new and stunning annual cosmos! The dark red petals are contrasted with clear white stripes. Some plants have just the dark red flower, so when planted as a group they provide an eye catching combination. Marginally frost-hardy this annual favours a sunny, protected spot with free draining, light soil. To prolong flowering dead head and provide a weekly dose of liquid fertilizer. Grows to 60-80 cm. 50 seeds.

Globe Artichoke 'Giant Green' - Cynara scolymus 'Giant Green'
Cynara scolymus 'Giant Green'

A french type of perennial artichoke with many edible large green, plump buds in spring and huge scented, purple/pink flowerheads in late summer. A hardy plant for rich, fertile soil in a warm and sunny position. A good, culinary variety and phantastic cut flower. 10 seeds/No.4/

LITTLE MAIDEN DIANTHUS - Dianthus arenarius f. nanus 'Little Maiden'
Dianthus arenarius f. nanus 'Little Maiden'

Sweetly fragrant, frilly pure white flowers on short stems adorn this compact perennial. Flowers in summer. Low growing with grass-like leaves that have a bluish hue. Ideal for the rock garden or drier, well drained areas. A hardy plant that prefers full sun. Suitable for container/pot growing. 30 seeds. No. 1.

BLACK SWEET WILLIAM - Dianthus barbatus ‘Sooty’
Dianthus barbatus ‘Sooty’

This stunning Black Sweet William is covered in deep, red-black maroon flowers over many weeks in late spring -summer. Ideal for mass planting, this beautiful biennial likes limy, fertile soil in sun or partial shade and readily self-seeds. A beautiful and deeply scented cut flower. 40 seeds.

Feathered Pink Dianthus - Dianthus plumaris
Dianthus plumaris

A sweet perfumed dianthus with fine, simple, linear grey-green leaves. A hardy perennial growing to 50 cm high. The flowers come in a range of pinks and have clove like tasting petals that can be added for flavour or decoration to cakes, salads and drinks. Flowers from late spring into late summer. Prefers well drained sites. Suitable for rock gardens and cutting. No. 1. 50 seeds.

Red Eye Dianthus - Dianthus spiculifolius
Dianthus spiculifolius

Forming dense cushions this dianthus has white, fringed flowers with a red-eye. The flowers are fragrant, the foliage is linear and blue-green. Ideal for the rock garden or drier, well drained areas. Flowers in late spring and summer. Endemic to Europe’s Carpathian mountains. A hardy perennial that prefers full sun. Suitable for container/pot growing. 20 seeds.

WAND FLOWER - Dierama pulcherium 'Mixed'
Dierama pulcherium 'Mixed'

An unusual South African perennial with strap like foliage and 1.5m tall arching stems with long tassels of bell shaped, papery, pink, clear white and deep red flowers in the early summer months. These marginally frost hardy plants need well drained , fertile soil and a sunny position. 20 seeds/No.3/

RASPBERRY FOXGLOVE - Digitalis x mertonensis
Digitalis x mertonensis

A beautiful, perennial, frost hardy hybrid with large raspberry-rose coloured flowers on 80cm long, sturdy stems. Blooming in summer this foxglove has very attractive basal rosettes of soft, hairy leaves and will grow well in normal garden soil in a shady position. Not to W.A. 150 seeds/No.1/

LIVINGSTON DAISY  - Dorotheanthus bellidiformis
Dorotheanthus bellidiformis

These ground-covering plants form large, evergreen carpets with a spectacular flowering display in summer. Vibrant colours range from white, pink, red, lemon to apricot with petals only opening on a sunny day. A heat and drought tolerant, succulent annual for full sun with good drainage. Excellent for mass displays or smaller pots. 200 seeds. No. 1.

PINK CONE FLOWER - Echinacea pallida
Echinacea pallida

A medicinal herb used by the American Indians and is now a compound in many modern ointment for healing wounds and boosting the immune system. A beautiful plant in its own right with unusual narrow pale-pink petals.  A good cut flower. It grows well in organically rich, friable soil in full sun and dislikes to be moved. 25 seeds/No.1/

PURPLE CONE FLOWER - Echinacea purpurea
Echinacea purpurea

Stunning purple pink flowers with wide, horizontal petals and large cone shaped copper coloured centres, flowering in summer until autumn on one meter tall stems with dark green leaves. For rich soil and full sun. Does not like to be moved. 50 seeds/No.1/

WHITE CONE FLOWER - Echinacea purpurea 'Alba'
Echinacea purpurea 'Alba'

This coneflower produces beautiful, white-green flowers with slightly hanging petals and big cone-shaped, green-copper coloured centres on strong one metre stems. A perennial with a long blooming period and good drought and heat tolerance. 25 seeds/No.1/

GLOBE THISTLE - Echinops ritro
Echinops ritro

Stunning, globular, purple flower heads adorn thornless, finely-cut, grey-green foliage. Beautiful as a fresh or dry flower and popular with bees, this drought-hardy perennial prefers full sun or part-shade. Can handle poor soil with good drainage. Flower colour is more intense in areas with cool nights. The flower heads also provide a nice colour long before the actual flowers open, prolonging the ‘flowering’ season. 20 seeds.

PRIDE OF MADEIRA - Echium candicans (syn. fastuosum)
Echium candicans (syn. fastuosum)

A fast growing, coastal perennial shrub with spectacular 60cm long, violet blue flower spires, blooming in winter and spring. This frost hardy, evergreen species needs a sunny position with well drained, ordinary soil and a Mediterranean climate. Drought and salt tolerant. Good for embankments. Not to W.A. 25 seeds.


TOWER OF JEWELS - Echium pininana
Echium pininana

A stunning echium that grows has 2.5m tall giant green spires covered in hundreds of small purple blue flowers over spring and summer. The attractive sword shaped leaves are hairy, dark blue green in colour and are mainly clustered around the base of the plants. Originally from the Spanish Islands these magnificent, structural plants are easily grown from seed in normal garden soil with good drainage and full sun. 20 seeds/No.4/

PINK TOWER OF JEWELS - Echium wildpretii
Echium wildpretii

This rare, unusual biennial plant, native to Tenerife, grows large rosettes of narrow silvery blue leaves in the first year. During the following spring it produces stunning, up to 2 metres long, deep pink flower spikes, which often bend down from the weight, cascading over the ground. A heat and frost hardy plant for a well drained, dry, position with poor soil and plenty of summer sun. 15 seeds/No.4/