Cottage Garden Seeds

MISS WILLMOTT’S GHOST - Eryngium giganteum
Eryngium giganteum

A very attractive short-lived perennial with large blue or pale-green central flower cones surrounded by spiky, silvery bracts in summer & autumn. A wonderful cut flower with heart-shaped, basal leaves. Miss Willmott scattered seed in a friends’ garden, who were surprised to find a great flower growing. Frost hardy, for full sun. 30 seeds.

Sea Holly 'Blaukappe' - Eryngium planum ‘Blaukappe’
Eryngium planum ‘Blaukappe’

This multi-stemmed cottage plant is covered in dozens of small, spiny, steel-blue flowers in summer and autumn. Over the cooler months, the flower bracts have a green, silvery sheen. An evergreen, salt-tolerant perennial that grows easily in well-drained, soil with extra lime and full sun. Beautiful, long lasting cut flower, fresh or dried. 30 seeds.

CALIFORNIAN POPPY - Eschscholtzia californica
Eschscholtzia californica

We love this short-lived perennial with cup-shaped, open flowers in orange, cream and pink. It is hardy, tolerates all soils and survives the hungry of browsers. This pretty, trouble-free plant for rock gardens and containers flowers from spring through to autumn and makes a simple cut flower. Dead head to prolong flowering. Easily self seeds. 200 seeds /No.1/

Pineapple Lily - Eucomis comosa
Eucomis comosa

The pineapple lily is a hardy perennial that is easy to grow and deserve a spot in any garden. Beautiful purple striped racemes of white flowers with prominent purple tepal margins and ovaries appear in late summer. The leaves are light green with attractive wavy margins to 70 cm long. Can be grown easily in pots. Flowers need support in exposed areas. 15 seeds.

SNOW-ON-THE-MOUNTAIN - Euphorbia marginata
Euphorbia marginata

This rare, bushy annual grows to 1-metre and has very attractive, oval-shaped green and white variegated leaves and small, white flowers in summer. A fast-growing plant for full sun and well-drained soil. Its beautiful foliage also makes an unusual addition to flower arrangements. 25 seeds.

BRIDAL WREATH - Francoa sonchifolia
Francoa sonchifolia

A very attractive, evergreen perennial with rosettes of spoon shaped leaves and 60cm tall stems, covered in tiny pink-white flowers over months in summer. An excellent cut flower and very hardy rock garden plant for a well drained position in full sun. over 150 seeds /No.1/


Blanket Flower ‘Torchlight’ - Gaillardia aristata ‘Fackelschein’
Gaillardia aristata ‘Fackelschein’

A beautiful flowering gaillarda that has dark red flowers with wide yellow tips, blooms from early summer to autumn. An easy to grow and maintain perennial, reaching a height of 75 cm. Flowers are excellent for cutting and last well in a vase. Dead head to prolong flowering. Cut back to lower buds in early winter to encourage fresh growth in spring. An excellent plant for attracting bees. 20 seeds.

Lady's Bedstraw - Galium verum
Galium verum

A hardy herbaceous perennial that produces many golden starlike flower panicles in summer. Handles poor soils and seaside gardens. Grows to 30-60 cm. Obtained it name from the dried aromatic stems were used for stuffing pillows and mattresses to keep out bed bugs and fleas! The root makes a red dye and the flowering tops a yellow dye. Was also used to coagulate milk in cheese making. 150 seeds.

Beeblossom / Gaura - Gaura lindheimeri ‘Summer Breeze’
Gaura lindheimeri ‘Summer Breeze’

This graceful perennial produces hundreds of flowers over a long period (early summer to frost). Pink buds opening to pure white flowers with pink filaments. It handles a wide range of conditions, from cool winters to hot summers. A great cut flower and bee attractant. Prefers well drained soils, full sun and tolerates drought once established. Flowers in first year. 12 seeds.

Geum ‘Lady Stratheden’  - Geum chiloense
Geum chiloense

A semi-double, bright golden flowered perennial that is sure to brighten any gardeners’ day. Lady Stratheden starts flowering in late spring and continues well into summer. Dead head to encourage a second burst of flowers. Great for bringing bees to the garden. For the herbaceous border with free draining, handles full sun to part shade. A popular cottage garden plant that was introduced in the 1920s from Chile. An award winning variety from RHS. 40 seeds.

AVENS ‘Mrs Bradshaw’ - Geum coccineum x quellyon
Geum coccineum x quellyon

An old-fashioned, evergreen perennial that has a long bloom period. It has hairy, pinnate leaves and tall stems topped with panicles of brilliant orange-red flowers. In warm climates it may be annual. ‘Mrs. Bradshaw’ is one plant that you can say is frost-hardy, good looking, long flowering and trouble free. An excellent cut flower. For the herbaceous border with organic soil, in full sun with good drainage. 30 seeds.

Swan Plant (Hairy Balls) - Gomphocarpus physocarpa
Gomphocarpus physocarpa

This deciduous perennial produces unusual translucent green fruitballs that can be floated in water like swans or added to flower arrangements. Creamy and greenish white 5cm flowers in summer. A native to South Africa, but a long time favourite for cottage gardeners, it tolerates sandy soils and hot weather, is drought resistant and famous for attracting butterflies. 10 seeds.

Statice, German - Goniolimon tataricum
Goniolimon tataricum

From mid-summer to mid-autumn wide spreading panicles of tubular white-pink ‘everlasting’ flowers provide a great garden display. The flowers are attractive in arrangements as freshly cut or dried. A butterfly attractant. The leaves are basal, with the flower stems growing up from the rosette. Prefers well drained soil in full sun, in hotter northern climates provide with part shade. Good salt tolerance. 50 seeds. No. 1.

BABY’S BREATH - Gypsophila paniculata
Gypsophila paniculata

A frost-hardy and wide-spreading perennialwith hundreds of tiny star-like, white flowers through summer. An easy-to-grow cottage plant that can be used amongst other plants where it elegantly fills space or covers the dying foliage of spring bulbs. It has a long-lasting cut flower, which can also be dried. It is widely used in the cut flower industry. Grows to one metre, prefers limey soils with good drainage and lots of sun. 150 seeds.

Sunflower 'Bronze Dawn' - Helianthus annus 'Bronze Dawn'
Helianthus annus 'Bronze Dawn'

One of our favourite sunflowers as it has stunning bronze, reddish flowers tinged with yellow and it flowers over a long period. This sunflower has multiple heads and grows to 2m tall. Quick to germinate and reasonably hardy, it is a treat for children to grow. These spectacular plants need fertile, warm soil, all day sun & plenty of water. 20 seeds.

SUNFLOWER ‘Giant Russian’ - Helianthus annus 'Giant Russian'
Helianthus annus 'Giant Russian'

This towering sun worshipper is a grand site in any garden. Grown for more than two centuries, this Russian heirloom has 30cm flowerheads and grows to 3m tall. The flower heads provide a huge number of seeds that are highly nutritious. Dry the seed, remove the husk and eat them yourself or feed them whole to your chooks. The seeds and petals are edible. Not to WA. 10 seeds.