Cottage Garden Seeds

SUNFLOWER ‘Giant Russian’ - Helianthus annus 'Giant Russian'
Helianthus annus 'Giant Russian'

This towering sun worshipper is a grand site in any garden. Grown for more than two centuries, this Russian heirloom has 30cm flowerheads and grows to 3m tall. The flower heads provide a huge number of seeds that are highly nutritious. Dry the seed, remove the husk and eat them yourself or feed them whole to your chooks. The seeds and petals are edible. Not to WA. 10 seeds.

SUNFLOWER – Giant Single - Helianthus annus 'Giant Single'
Helianthus annus 'Giant Single'

This cheerful, sunflower is a good one for cut flowers & is easily grown in a warm, sheltered spot. A popular sunflower that grows to about 1.6 m (not as tall as the Giant Russian) with a large flower head for it size. Both petals & flower centre are yellow. Stake when planting in a windy position. An ideal flower for young gardeners. 40 seeds.

SUNFLOWER - DWARF - Helianthus annus ‘Dwarf’
Helianthus annus ‘Dwarf’

The cheeriest of the flowers! This shorter, annual sunflower grows to about 1.2m and produces golden-yellow flowers with yellow centres. It is ideally suited for cutting and to exposed garden beds. Quick to germinate and reasonably hardy, it is a treat for children to grow. These spectacular plants need fertile, warm soil, all day sun & plenty of water. 40 seeds.

SUNFLOWER ‘Happy Hobbit’ - Helianthus annuus
Helianthus annuus

Short in stature with a big head and cheerful disposition. This Halfling variety grows to about 1.2 m and has a flower head a tad smaller than the Giant Russian. Strong and sturdy they are a great option for windy positions and much earlier flowering than the taller varieties. The seeds and petals are edible. Produces a large amount of seed to feed middle earth folk or chooks. 20 seeds.

Sunflower ‘Double Dazzler’  - Helianthus annuus Dazzler
Helianthus annuus Dazzler

This cheerful yellow, fuzzy faced sunflower is a favourite. The double flower is packed with full, long petals and provides a striking sight. Loves full sun. Keep it happy with water and compost to reach its full fuzziness. Can also be used as a cut flower. Quick to germinate, fast to grow, hardy and fun to look at make these an ideal plant for kids to grow. The seeds and petals are edible. 12 seeds.

Sunflower ‘Oil Drop’ - Helianthus annuus Oil Drop
Helianthus annuus Oil Drop

A classic single stem yellow sunflower. The difference with this variety is that it produces medium sized seed with a higher than normal oil content. High oil sunflowers are pressed and used for vegetable oil. They are mostly a mix of oleic acid (omega-9)-linoleic acid (omega-6) oils. Save the seed to eat or press yourself or feed your chooks a healthy snack. 40 seeds.

Curry Plant - Helichrysum italicum
Helichrysum italicum

This small perennial has plenty going for it. The leaves are very attractive with silver grey-green foliage and are used in salads and cooked food as they have a slight curry flavour. The yellow flowers & seed heads are both attractive in the garden or vase. Prefers well-drained soils in full sun. It can also tolerate dry, poor soils. Flowers Dec.-Feb. 75 seeds.

STRAW FLOWER ‘Colourful Mix’  - Helichrysum monstrosum mix
Helichrysum monstrosum mix

Native to Australia, these beautiful perennials have papery, golden-yellow, blood-red, pink or white double flowers on 80cm stems. A very hardy plant for a sunny spot in a container or rock garden with good soil and excellent drainage. Great cut flower, fresh or dried. 300 seeds

HELIOTROPE ‘Marine Dwarf’ - Heliotropium arborescens
Heliotropium arborescens

This perennial has large, purple-red flower umbels, which have a strong vanilla scent and will bloom from summer until autumn. Being frost tender it requires a warm, protected position in full sun with moist, well drained soil. In southern Europe this plant is cultivated for perfume. Ideal for pots. Grown as an annual in cooler areas. 100 seeds.

Hesperis matronalis var. Albiflora

Pure white, sweetly fragrant flowers will perfume the summer night’s air. This short-lived perennial, is easily grown, hardy, tolerates shade and self-seeds readily. Like all sweet rockets, bees and other beneficial insects love it. Self seeds. 75 seeds.

TUTSAN - Hypericum androsaemum
Hypericum androsaemum

Native to the Mediterranean this deciduous, one meter tall shrub has very delicate, small yellow flowers with beautiful round, red fruit turning black over summer. The ovate 10cm long lush green leaves sit right underneath each flower, collecting rain drops. A very hardy plant for any soil in full sun or half shade. Decorative cut flower. 200 seeds /No.1/. Not to WA.

Hyssop - Hyssopus officinalis
Hyssopus officinalis

A versatile evergreen perennial that can be used in the ornamental garden while used as a culinary and medicinal herb. Leaves are aromatic and have a flavour like a sage-mint cross. Leaves can be eaten raw, used in salads and soups or to make a pleasant flavoured tea. Flowers can also be used in salads. Grows to 50cm, prefers well drained soil. A strong bee/insect attractor with blue flowers in summer. 100 seeds.

INULA ‘Spider Flower’ - Inula magnifica
Inula magnifica

A hardy herbaceous perennial that grows over 150 cm and is topped with masses of amazing bright yellow flowers with fine petals, providing the ‘spidery’ legs. The flowers are up 15 cm across. The leaves are broad, coarse and aromatic. Flowers mid-summer to mid-autumn. Flowers are suitable for cutting. Plant as a perennial alternative to sunflowers. Handles full sun-partial shade. 40 seeds.

GLADDON IRIS  - Iris foetidissima
Iris foetidissima

A brilliant and unusually frost hardy Iris. In late summer-autumn it displays large green pods filled with striking deep orange seeds. The flowers are a pale, yellow-purple colour. A tough evergreen plant for dry, shady areas where it will form big clumps 40-60cm high. 10 seeds.

YELLOW FLAG IRIS - Iris pseudacorus
Iris pseudacorus

This water iris has bright yellow flowers in summer on 1.5 meter tall stems with very attractive sword shaped leaves. Thrives in water or boggy ground in full sun or part shade. A fast growing aquatic plant with beautiful seed pods in late summer. 15 seeds/No.3/

DYERS WOAD - Isatis tinctoria
Isatis tinctoria

Dyers woad is an ancient plant from Europe and Asia that has had many uses over the centuries. As the name suggests, it is a natural source of blue dye, famously used as body paint by the Celts and Scots (remember Braveheart). The leaves are a source of indigotin. While also used for dyes and paint it has a history of use in traditional medicine. A biennial, yellow flowering plant from the Brassicaceae family. 25 seeds.