LAND CRESS - Barbarea verna
Barbarea verna

Often used in salad mixes this delicious and healthy cress is nice and spicy. The basal leaves are dark green, shiny and deeply lobed with a tall yellow flower spike in spring. Easily grown in ordinary soil with plenty of light or part shade, this salad plant will self seed and supply you with lots of greens over winter and early spring. A great alternative to watercress. 450 seeds.

Land Cress - Cabbage Moth - Barbarea vulgaris
Barbarea vulgaris

The friend of brassica crops!! Research from the University of Queensland has shown that this plant is the perfect foil for cabbage moth/butterfly, as they are attracted to this cress and lay their eggs on the leaves. The hatching caterpillars munch on the leaves and drop dead! Your kales, cabbages etc. are relatively left alone. Also known as Rocketcress, Bittercress or Yellow Rocket. Sow amongst your brassica crops. 150 seeds.

WATERCRESS - Nasturtium officinale
Nasturtium officinale

This sharp-flavoured, perennial salad herb is a delicious, fast growing plant high in vitamin C. Perfect for green salads, sandwiches or garnish. Harvest leaves as needed or harvest whole rosette. Can easily be grown in moist soil in half shade; or grow in a pot and place pot in a tray with water. Change water regularly so it does not go stagnant. 350 seeds.