European Classics

CHICORY ‘Red Rib’ - Cichorium intybus
Cichorium intybus

Stunning red ribs and deep green leaves make this chicory a real eye-catcher. Chicory is a must for any mesclun mix or Italian salad as it adds great flavour and colour. Chicory is only slightly more bitter than a cos lettuce and is a great salad green during cooler weather. Frost and drought tolerant it does well in most soils as well as pots. 500 seeds.

CORN SALAD (Lambs Lettuce) - Valerianella locusta
Valerianella locusta

Also called Lamb’s Lettuce these 15cm short, dark green leafy rosettes are a tasty autumn and winter salad. The leaves should be picked regularly after the first frost, when they have a delicious nutty flavour. Often selfseeds. Good around the base of fruit trees and also easily grown in pots. 200 seeds


Cichorium endiva

The classic French frisée endive. A smaller endive with a great mild flavour that is essential to any great European salad mix. The green leaves are deeply serrated, with many blanched leaves at the heart. 100 seeds.