Green Manure

Buckwheat - Fagopyrum esculentum
Fagopyrum esculentum

A versatile crop grown for seed/grain, as a green manure, bee pasture or for chook feed/grazing. Fast growing plants choke out weeds. For green manure simply cut and dig in 2-3 weeks prior to sowing next crop. For grain: seed does not ripen uniformly; harvest once majority of seed has ripened (turning brown), seed separates and threshes easily, dehull. Leaves can be eaten raw or cooked, seeds used sprouted or as a flour. 250 seeds, covers 17-20 m2 Not to WA.

Fenugreek - Trigonella foenum-graecum
Trigonella foenum-graecum

A fast growing annual herb/spice. Both the leaves and seed can be used in the kitchen. In India the leaves are used like spinach in curries, while the seeds are used are lightly roasted and used as one of the spices in curries. As fenugreek is a legume with nitrogen nodules on its roots it can be used as a dual purpose crop; in the kitchen and as summer green manure crop. Collect seed from the pods for sprouting. 100 seeds.

Fiddleneck / Lacy Phacelia - Phacelia tanacetifolia
Phacelia tanacetifolia

A hardy annual that bees, hoverflies and parasitic wasps love, making it is a great companion plant in the garden. A prolific bloomer with dense, curved, bell shaped blue-lilac flowers. It grows to 80 cm and makes a useful border plant that will supply you with cut flowers. Also used as a green manure to suppress weeds and to add organic matter to the soil. Sow in spring for summer flowering or in autumn to protect the soil through winter and early spring blooms. 100 seeds. No.1.

Brassica juncea

A fast growing green manure crop that helps control nematodes, add organic matter to the soil and protect the soil from sun and rain. Mow or slash the mustard anytime before it sets seed and dig into the soil. Compounds in the mustards help disrupt the nematodes reproductive cycle. By digging into the soil you also help increase the soil’s organic matter, promote worm activity and other beneficial microorganisms and fungi. This packet will cover approximately 15-20 m2. Not to W.A.

Green Manure ‘Soil and Worm Museli’ - GREEN MANURE – Autumn, Winter
GREEN MANURE – Autumn, Winter

Feed your worms and soil with this splendid green manure mix. Inside this packet is enough seed to cover 15-20 m2.

This ‘Museli’ has the right combination of goodies to provide you with all the following benefits:
• To add nitrogen to the soil through the use of legumes (lupins, grey pea and tic beans).
• Stabalise your soil from winter rains with deep rooted species (oats and ryecorn).
• The mustard/brassica helps control nematodes in the soil. Compounds in the mustards help disrupt the nematodes reproductive cycle.
• Draws nutrients and trace elements up from the subsoil for later use (ie. by either Composting the plant matter or incorporating/digging it into the soil).
• Adds vital organic matter to the soil.
• Feeds the worms and soil and other helpful soil micro-organisms.
• Suppress weeds
As there is a large seed packet with extra weight a higher postage and handling rate is charged for this packet (Weight 260 grams). 1 Packet = $6.00.
Not to W.A