Native Seeds

SILVER WATTLE - Acacia dealbata
Acacia dealbata

This Tasmanian wattle grows into a medium sized tree of 6-9 metres with masses of yellow, sweet scented, globular flowerheads in winter.The evergreen blue-grey leaves are finely divided and coated in white hairs. A very hardy, frost tolerant (to ?8C), fast growing plant for any soil in full sun. Excellent container plant and pioneer species. Prune back after flowering. Not to WA. 30 seeds/No.5/

BLACKWOOD - Acacia melanoxylon
Acacia melanoxylon

A handsome Tasmanian tree up to 30 metres tall, prized for its valuable timber, it will carry masses of creamy flower balls in late winter. Unlike most acacias it is long-lived, relatively slow growing but will withstand frost and needs moist soils. Moderately salt tolerant. Not to WA. 40 seeds/No.5/

WIRALDA MIMOSA - Acacia provincialis
Acacia provincialis

A beautiful Australian Acacia that in flowers late winter-summer in cool climate conditions.This handsome bush grows up to 3 metres high and is covered in small round flowerheads with long, narrow leaves. Heavily scented. Very good container plant for full sun.Prune back after flowering. This variety has the blue-green leaf form. Not to WA. 30 seeds/No.5/

COASTAL WATTLE - Acacia sophorae
Acacia sophorae

A salt tolerant species is ideally suited for revegetation purposes as it is great at stabilising soils, especially in coastal habitats with windy conditions and dry, sandy soils. Also known as ‘Boobyalla’. A dense low branching 3-4 meter tall shrub which can also be used as a hedging/screening plant. Yellow flowers in winter-early spring. Not to WA. 50 seeds No.5

SUNSHINE WATTLE - Acacia terminalis
Acacia terminalis

A small shrub, around two metres tall with green bipinnate foliage and very attractive bronze/red new growth. Covered in cream coloured flower balls from early autumn to winter/spring. This is a frost hardy shrub that will grow well in poor soils and is very suited to coastal environments. Salt tolerant. Not to WA. 20 seeds/No.5/

FLANNEL FLOWER - Actinotus helanthi
Actinotus helanthi

These short lived perennial; up to 1m tall shrubs; with deeply divided foliage develop very attractive furry stems with starlike creamy white, flannel-textured flowers over spring and summer. Flannel flowers grow well in free draining soil in full sun. Excellent plant for coastal and arid zones. Not to WA. 60 seeds/No.1/

WILLOW MYRTLE - Agonis reflexuosa
Agonis reflexuosa

This up to 7m tall tree has weeping branches with aromatic, narrow leaves bearing many small white flowers in late spring. A very tough native plant for any well drained soil in full sun, protected from frost when young, it will tolerate droughts and salty winds once established. Not to WA. Over 200 seeds/No.4/

DROOPING SHE OAK - Allocasurina verticillata
Allocasurina verticillata

A fast growing small tree up to 7 meters with needle-like foliage. Suitable for revegetation in coastal, sandy areas, where it is extremely wind, salt and drought tolerant. She Oaks are excellent shade and windbreak specimens. Self mulching. Can be sown direct. Provenance: Sorell.
Not to WA.
30 seeds/No.1and No.2/

TALL GREEN KANGAROO PAW - Anigozanthos flavidus 'Green'
Anigozanthos flavidus 'Green'

This long lived , strong growing plant has

up to 2 metres tall flowering stems with furry tubular flower spikes in green yellow with strap-like leaves. A striking container or rockery plant attracting honey eating birds when blooming in spring and summer. Grows well in any soil with good drainage and adequate sun. Frost hardy down to 5C.

Not to WA. 50 seeds/No.2/

TALL RED KANGAROO PAW - Anigozanthos flavidus 'Red'
Anigozanthos flavidus 'Red'

This hardy perennial Australian native has stunning firey-red paw shaped flowers up to 2 metres tall with strap-like leaves. A striking container or rockery plant attracting honey eating birds when blooming in spring and summer. Grows well in any soil with good drainage and adequate sun. Not to WA.
60 seeds/No.2/


KANGAROO PAW - Anigozanthos manglesii
Anigozanthos manglesii

These perennial West Australian natives have stunning 60cm tall, red, paw shaped flowers with green tips and strap like leaves. A striking container or rockery plant, attracting honey eating birds when flowering in spring and summer. Grows well in any soil with good drainage, plenty of water over summer and adequate sun. In humid areas grow in a pot or in well drained spot. Not to WA. 30 seeds/No.4/

CHRISTMAS BELLS - Blandfordia punicea
Blandfordia punicea

A stunning one metre tall lily with brilliant red-orange flower bells over summer and stiff grassy foliage. A beautiful perennial cut flower and easily grown in a moist spot in full sun or half shade. Endemic to Tasmania, this frost resistant specimen looks best in the garden when mass planted, but also does well in a large container. Not to WA. 70 seeds/No.1/

SWAN RIVER DAISY - Brachycome iberifolia 'Mix'
Brachycome iberifolia 'Mix'

Native to Australia these attractive annual ground covering plants bear a profusion of daisy like flowerheads in shades of blue, mauve and pink over spring and summer. Easily grown in a sunny position with well drained soil this ideal rock garden plant has finely divided , soft foliage. Not to WA. 700 seeds/No.1 and No.2/

Yellow Paper Daisy  - Bracteantha bracteata
Bracteantha bracteata

A bright yellow/golden everlasting flower that lightens any garden from late spring to autumn. A native Australian plant with widespread distribution. A hardy, short-lived perennial that can handle a range of soils and shows some drought and salt tolerance. The greyish-green leaves are attractive and evergreen through winter. 50 seeds. Not to WA.

Yellow Bottlebrush - Callistemon pallidus
Callistemon pallidus

This Australian shrub produces lots of pale yellow, up to 8cm long, flower spikes in the early summer months. A fast growing, bird attracting evergreen plant with strongly scented foliage. Ideally grown in moist, damp places in full sun to half shade., however, once established has good tolerance to dry conditions. Prune back after flowering. Great habitat and food source for native birds. 100+ seeds. Not to WA.

STIFF BOTTLEBRUSH - Callistemon rigidus
Callistemon rigidus

This marginally frost hardy Australian native produces long stamened, bright red flowers in dense cylindrical spikes over summer. An evergreen, 2m tall Bottlebrush, rich with nectar that will attract birds and will grow well in full sun with moist soil and even poor drainage. Prune back after flowering to keep a bushy shrub. Extremely salt tolerant. Not to WA. 500 seeds/No.1/