Herb Seeds

CALENDULA / ENGLISH MARIGOLD - Calendula officinalis
Calendula officinalis

Native to the Mediterranean, this medicinal annual is also a good companion plant in the vegetable garden by suppressing weeds. The double orange and yellow flowers bloom for many months on 45 cm stems. They are a long-lasting, pretty cut flower. Plants do well with light soil and good drainage. 160 Seeds.

CARAWAY - Carum carvi
Carum carvi

Easily grown from seed in spring and summer, this annual herb will self-seed every year. Use caraway seeds for cabbage dishes, fish stocks and to make fatty meals more easily digestable. Caraway tea is a good cure for an upset stomach. This herb needs plenty of sun and well drained soil and can be harvested in late summer. 150 seeds

Cat Grass - Dactylis glomerata
Dactylis glomerata

A great tonic for cats that has many essential vitamens and minerals for them. Cats are naturally attracted to this fast growing grass (especially the younger shoots) that aids their digestion and fur ball elimination. Easy to grow. Grows to a height of 45 cm and can handle part shade. 2,000 seeds.

Catmint - Nepeta cataria
Nepeta cataria

This useful, evergreen, edging plant has aromatic spikes of small white/cream flowers. The leaves are loved by cats. A hardy perennial groundcover that has a long flowering period over summer, extended by deadheading old flowers. It has cool grey-blue foliage and likes well-drained soil. Young leaves have a mint flavour and can be used in salads or for herbal tea. Divide in spring or autumn. 150 seeds.

Celery ‘Par-Cel’ (cutting herb) - Apium graveolens
Apium graveolens

A leaf celery that looks like Italian parsley but retains that distinctive celery flavour. Much easier to grow than traditional bunching celery as it is much more forgiving. Use as a cut and come again herb. We use it in soups, stock, stir fries, juices and fresh in salads. A versatile ‘herb’ with a long harvest period. 300 seeds.

CHAMOMILE German - Chamomilla recutita
Chamomilla recutita

This herb is mainly grown for its medicinal purposes. The dried flowers are made into a tea, which has a calming effect and aids digestion. In the garden chamomile tea is a mild fungicide when sprayed on affected plants. Pick the flowers in summer on a sunny day and dry them upsidedown in a shady warm area. 500 seeds. Not to WA.

CHAMOMILE Roman - Chamaemelum nobile
Chamaemelum nobile

Perfect for making chamomile lawns, this wonderfully aromatic, ‘apple-scented’ groundcover is also great for filling gaps between pavers and stonewalls. Its pretty, daisy-like flowers have white petals and yellow centres and bloom in summer. They can be dried to make a soothing tea or used fresh as a garnish. Also called English Chamomile. A hardy perennial. 300 seeds.

CHERVIL - Anthriscus cerefolium
Anthriscus cerefolium

With a delicate aniseed flavour, this herb is delicious in salad mixes or with chicken, eggs and fish and an essential ingredient in the classic French seasoning fines herbes. A hardy annual, it grows about 60cm in height and spread. Can be grown in pots. Grows rapidly in spring and autumn, but does not like extreme heat or cold. It prefers a cool, moist, shaded spot in well-drained soil. 300 seeds.

CHIVES - Allium schoenoprasum
Allium schoenoprasum

Belonging to the onion family these perennial chives can be cut regularly from early spring until mid-summer when the mauve flowers will appear. It dies down completely in winter and should be planted in a sunny position with friable, limed soil and extra watering over summer. 500 seeds

Chives, Chinese/Garlic - Allium tuberosum
Allium tuberosum

A culinary and ornamental perennial herb of the onion family. The thin, flat leaves have a characteristic garlic taste and are great in Asian dishes (where it is known as Gow Choy), omelettes, dips or salads. In summer beautiful white, edible flower umbels are produced. The flower buds and stalks are used in many Asian dishes. Known as either Garlic Chives or Chinese Chives. 200 seeds

COMFREY - Symphytum officinale
Symphytum officinale

A perennial valued for its herbal properties and as an activator in compost, helping other plant material decompose more quickly. The leaves and roots contain allantoin (a hormone-like substance that stimulates cell division) and have been used as an external poultice for bruises sprains and broken bones over centuries, hence the other common names of bruisewort, knitbone and boneset. 20 seeds.

CORIANDER - Coriandrum sativum 'Slow Bolt'
Coriandrum sativum 'Slow Bolt'

An annual herb also known as Chinese Parsley, it is essential for any Thai dish and frequently used in curries. Coriander grows well in light soils with plenty of moisture. Best sowing times are during the cooler months of spring and autumn, running to seed in hot summers. Cut young leaves regularly to promote regrowth. For constant supply, sow in 3 to 4 week intervals. Bulk seed available at about 80 seeds/gram. 500 seeds/pkt.

CORIANDER ‘Confetti’ - Coriandrum sativum
Coriandrum sativum

An unusual coriander that has unique, fine, feathery leaves. The foliage looks like carrot tops but retains the distinct coriander flavour we love but with a tad more sweetness. Grow and harvest in the same way as normal coriander. Early to mature and a little slower to bolt than traditional varieties. 150 seeds.

Coriander ‘Fiesta’  - Coriandrum sativum
Coriandrum sativum

A newer variety of coriander that has a slower bolting rate than normal varieties. ‘Fiesta’ also grows well through winter and has reduced levels of red stems and foliage in cool weather. An annual herb, also known as Chinese Parsley, essential for any Thai dish and is frequently used in curries and stir fries. Seed and leaf can be used in cooking.  200 seeds.

Culantro/Mexican Corriander - Eryngium foetidum
Eryngium foetidum

A short lived perennial herb with a flavour similar to coriander. Also known as Ngò Gai or Sawleaf herb in Vietnam. In cooler areas it is grown as an annual or moved inside in once autumn arrives. Grows best in part shade as will not run to flower as quickly and has a better flavour. Used for flavouring vegetable & meat dishes or sauces/chutneys. Also used as a medicinal herb. Frost tender. 100 seeds.

CUMIN - Cuminum cyminum
Cuminum cyminum

This annual has long, fragrant foliage that grows to 30cm. Young leaves make a nice addition to salad dishes. The summer flowers are small and white and are followed by fruit which produce cumin seeds. A key spice in Indian and Mexican cooking. Cumin seed is reputed to aid digestion. Needs 3 months of warm weather for good seed production. Cumin seed is reputed to aid digestion. 120 seeds.