Artichoke and Asparagus

ARTICHOKE  GLOBE 'GREEN' - Cynara scolymus 'Green'
Cynara scolymus 'Green'

This French, perennial artichoke has lots of large, green, plump buds in spring & huge, scented, purple/pink flowerheads in late summer. A good culinary variety, where immature flower buds are harvested for eating. A hardy plant with attractive, silver-blue foliage. It is happiest with plenty of sun. Both the foliage and flower make for great displays. Flowers can also be dried. 25 seeds

ARTICHOKE GLOBE 'Purple Headed' - Cynara scolymus 'Purple Headed'
Cynara scolymus 'Purple Headed'

This perennial Artichoke has edible flower buds in spring and gets to a height of 6 foot. The flower buds (chokes) vary in colour from purple with splotches of green to medium green tinged with purple. A beautiful looking vegetable with its large silver blue foliage and stunning scented, purple/pink flower heads in summer. Both the foliage and flower make for great displays. Flowers can also be dried. 15 seeds

ASPARAGUS ‘Jersey Knight F1 - Asparagus officinalis
Asparagus officinalis

A high yielding asparagus plant that produces superior spears to 2.5 cm thick. Seeds are all male, which means that you do not have to waste time and space culling unproductive plants. This variety has high disease tolerance and lasts up to 20 years, providing years of succulent spears. 12 seeds.

Asparagus officinalis

A popular heirloom variety that is early and produces long straight dark green spears with a purple tinge. The spears are delicious - tender, thick, heavy and straight. Produces a heavy yield over 2-3 months, with the first 45-60 days the most productive. 50 seeds.