Welcome to Southern Harvest.
We are a family-run business that is all about growing - growing healthy, interesting food to share with family and friends, as well as native and cottage plants that bring colour, fragrance and habitat to the garden. Southern Harvest supplies you with quality cottage garden, native and vegetable and herb packet seed, with speedy service and advice.

Nestled on 5 acres at the foothills of Mt Wellington in southern Tasmania, our winters are cold with regular frosts, so we value (and specialise in) plants for cool climates. We know the pleasure and reward of growing a bit of colour for the winterbare garden, as well as having something to take straight from the garden to the kitchen on those dark winter nights. Our daughters, Poppy and Bea, who inspired our logo, are a constant reminder of the joy and good health that gardens can bring to the young, the old and everyone between. We also grow organic garlic that we sell through Salamanca Market or over the internet. We stock a wide range of seeds both old and new varieties, we especially love heirloom (or heritage) seeds and the history associated with them.

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We look forward to meeting some of you at the Salamanca Market stall (Site 98- opposite the steps of the Supreme Court). Happy gardening!

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We have many wonderful photos on our website. Some of the photos are taken by Heinz Ahlemeyer if you are interested in purchasing the rights to the photo please contact us (seeds@southernharvest.com.au) or Heinz (heinzsightphotos@gmail.com).

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Herb Robert - Geranium robertianum
Herb Robert

An annual/biennial herb that grows to 40 cm high and has pretty purple-rose flowers with white streaks. An ancient herb that allegedly helps heal wounds, stops bleeding and aids skin irritations and bruises. Modern folklore alleges it’s a natural source of geranium, which can help cells absorb oxygen. Some research has also shown it can aid diabetes as the leaves have been shown to help lower blood sugar levels. A bee attractor. Self seeds. 25 seeds.

Sunflower 'Bronze Dawn' - Helianthus annus 'Bronze Dawn'
Sunflower 'Bronze Dawn'

One of our favourite sunflowers as it has stunning bronze, reddish flowers tinged with yellow and it flowers over a long period. This sunflower has multiple heads and grows to 2m tall. Quick to germinate and reasonably hardy, it is a treat for children to grow. These spectacular plants need fertile, warm soil, all day sun & plenty of water. 20 seeds.

CRAZY DAISY ~ Shasta variety  - Chrysanthemum maximum
CRAZY DAISY ~ Shasta variety

A fun daisy with long lasting double and semi-double white flowers. A hardy perennial that grows to 80 cm. Makes a great border plant with healthy growth of toothed oblong leaves and a mass of flowers. Makes an outstanding cut flower due to good vase life and medium stems. Handles most soils in full sun or part shade. About 50 seeds.

PUMPKIN ‘Gem Squash’ - Cucurbita pepo
PUMPKIN ‘Gem Squash’

A South African favourite due to its delicate sweet flavour. These bushes are hugely productive, with some yielding up to over 20 cricket ball sized fruit. Harvest in autumn when the skin toughens. Store in a dry, dark cool spot for up to three months. Boil, bake or steam – delicious with butter. 15 seeds.

SOYBEAN - Glycine max

A soybean of excellent quality that can be used for green for ‘edamame’, dried or for making soy milk and tofu. A high yielding variety that matures over a week earlier than other varieties.  The Japanese dish of edamame consists of immature soybeans in the pod steamed or boiled and served with salt. Soy beans also make an excellent summer green manure. 80 seeds. Not to WA.

Carrot ‘All Seasons’ - Daucas carota ssp. Sativus
Carrot ‘All Seasons’

A carrot for all the seasons! A popular orange variety that grows to 22 cm long, with a tapered end. Large, crunchy and full of flavour – just what you want from any home grown carrot. For winter eating sow in late summer or early autumn in a well-drained soil/position to prevent the roots cracking. Has good disease resistance. 800 seeds.

ZUCCHINI ‘Clarita’ F1 - Cucurbita pepo
ZUCCHINI ‘Clarita’ F1

A Lebanese zucchini with a sweet nutty flavour. The light green, tapered fruits are best pick 8-14 cm long for the best flavour, but they do maintain flavour when larger as well. Use in stir fries, zucchini slice, pickled, steamed or stuffed. The earliest and longest cropping zucchinis we have come across. 10 seeds. Treated seed.

Carrot ‘Deep Purple’ F1 - Daucus carota var. sativus
Carrot ‘Deep Purple’ F1

CARROT ‘Deep Purple’ F1 Daucus carota var. sativus

A carrot that is purple all the way to the core. Most other purple carrots have just purple skin or flesh, not this one it’s purple through and through. A sweet carrot that retains its colour though the cooking process. Beware though a purple carrot soup is a site to behold!! Treated seed. 200 seeds.

BABY’S BREATH - Gypsophila paniculata

A frost-hardy and wide-spreading perennialwith hundreds of tiny star-like, white flowers through summer. An easy-to-grow cottage plant that can be used amongst other plants where it elegantly fills space or covers the dying foliage of spring bulbs. It has a long-lasting cut flower, which can also be dried. It is widely used in the cut flower industry. Grows to one metre, prefers limey soils with good drainage and lots of sun. 150 seeds.

Capsicum ‘Cubanelle’  - Capsicum annuum
Capsicum ‘Cubanelle’

A prolific capsicum that is popular in Cuba and is gaining popularity ‘elsewhere’. A sweet capsicum with a very subtle tang. It has a long tapering fruit that is yellowish-green when young, ripening to red, grows to 12+cm long. Very popular for frying, stuffing and BBQ’ing or eaten raw in salads. 30 seeds.

ZUCCHINI – ‘Yellow Crookneck’ - Cucurbita pepo
ZUCCHINI – ‘Yellow Crookneck’

Popular for over 150 years, this easy-to-grow zucchini has a curiously bent, swan-necked. A bush variety that produces an abundance of fruit best eaten young when it has a sweet, buttery flavour & firm texture. 20 seeds.

PARSNIP ‘Melbourne Whiteskin’ - Pastinaca sativa
PARSNIP ‘Melbourne Whiteskin’

An old Australian variety that is highly nutritious has a sweet flavour and a high yield. The taste improves harvested after the first frost, becoming sweeter with a nutty twist. Great roasted, in pies/pasties or soups. A very hardy and vigorous vegetable that is not really bothered by pests or disease. Treated seed. 300 seeds.

PUMPKIN  ‘Dill’s Atlantic Giant’ - Curcurbita maxima
PUMPKIN ‘Dill’s Atlantic Giant’

The World’s Biggest Pumpkin. Take on the Bream Creek Show’s famous big pumpkin competition! Sourced from breeder Howard Dill himself, this whopper holds the world record at 666 kilograms. Fertile soil, irrigation, wide spacing (25 square metres per plant), and limiting each long-vined plant to one fruit commonly results in huge, 100kg+ pink or orange fruit. That’s a lot of soup. 5 seeds.

Okra ‘Clemson Spineless’ - Abelmoschus esculentus
Okra ‘Clemson Spineless’

A high yielding and popular okra that produces abundant dark green, grooved, spineless pods. Grows to over 1m. Young pods are most tender (5-8cm long). Use pods in stir fries, soups, stews and relishes. The cream coloured flowers are also edible and may be stuffed. Plants are also quite ornamental. Okra loves warm climates, so in cooler areas start indoors and transplant to a sheltered, sunny position or greenhouse. 50 seeds.

HONESTY - Lunaria biennis

A biennial plant with fragrant purple/pink flowers on strong tall stems with greyish, heart-shaped leaves. The attractive green, oval seed pods turn into dry, papery seed vessels in summer and make great long lasting dried material for arrangements. Also known as the money or dollar plant for the round papery seed capsules. Handles full sun to half shade in ordinary soil. Self seeds. 50 seeds.

Gayfeather - Liatris spicata

A tough, drought tolerant perennial that produces long lasting lilac-rose feathery flower heads (like the native bottlebrush). An erect habit with grass-like foliage that provides a bold showing with the feathery flowers. Growing to 1m tall, the flowers provide long lasting interest into from mid-summer into autumn. Seed pods and flowers are both used in flower arranging. 30 seeds.