Welcome to Southern Harvest.
We are a family-run business that is all about growing - growing healthy, interesting food to share with family and friends, as well as native and cottage plants that bring colour, fragrance and habitat to the garden. Southern Harvest supplies you with quality cottage garden, native and vegetable and herb packet seed, with speedy service and advice.

Nestled on 5 acres at the foothills of Mt Wellington in southern Tasmania, our winters are cold with regular frosts, so we value (and specialise in) plants for cool climates. We know the pleasure and reward of growing a bit of colour for the winterbare garden, as well as having something to take straight from the garden to the kitchen on those dark winter nights. Our daughters, Poppy and Bea, who inspired our logo, are a constant reminder of the joy and good health that gardens can bring to the young, the old and everyone between. We also grow organic garlic that we sell through Salamanca Market or over the internet. We stock a wide range of seeds both old and new varieties, we especially love heirloom (or heritage) seeds and the history associated with them.

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We look forward to meeting some of you at the Salamanca Market stall (Site 98- opposite the steps of the Supreme Court). Happy gardening!

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We have many wonderful photos on our website. Some of the photos are taken by Heinz Ahlemeyer if you are interested in purchasing the rights to the photo please contact us (seeds@southernharvest.com.au) or Heinz (heinzsightphotos@gmail.com).

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HONESTY - Lunaria biennis

A biennial plant with fragrant purple/pink flowers on strong tall stems with greyish, heart-shaped leaves. The attractive green, oval seed pods turn into dry, papery seed vessels in summer and make great long lasting dried material for arrangements. Also known as the money or dollar plant for the round papery seed capsules. Handles full sun to half shade in ordinary soil. Self seeds. 50 seeds.

Gayfeather - Liatris spicata

A tough, drought tolerant perennial that produces long lasting lilac-rose feathery flower heads (like the native bottlebrush). An erect habit with grass-like foliage that provides a bold showing with the feathery flowers. Growing to 1m tall, the flowers provide long lasting interest into from mid-summer into autumn. Seed pods and flowers are both used in flower arranging. 30 seeds.

GLOBE THISTLE - Echinops ritro

Stunning, globular, purple flower heads adorn thornless, finely-cut, grey-green foliage. Beautiful as a fresh or dry flower and popular with bees, this drought-hardy perennial prefers full sun or part-shade. Can handle poor soil with good drainage. Flower colour is more intense in areas with cool nights. The flower heads also provide a nice colour long before the actual flowers open, prolonging the ‘flowering’ season. 20 seeds.

Red Valerian - Centranthus ruber ‘Rosenrot’
Red Valerian

A charming old fashioned perennial with clusters of light red flowers in late spring and summer, with soft grey green foliage. Flowers in its first year (if started early enough) and makes a great fragrant cut flower. Deadhead to promote more flowering and to prevent self seeding. Self seeds easily. Not for very hot & humid climates. 25 seeds. No. 1.

Salad Burnet  - Sanguisorba minor
Salad Burnet

A perennial herb used as an ingredient in salads, dressings, soups, tea or cooling drinks. The leaves have a mild cucumber flavour. Young leaves are the tastiest as they can become bitter with age. Grows to 60 cm it has a long tap root so it can handle dry periods and grows year round (so the leaves can be used in winter). Flowers in November with greenish heads. 150 seeds.

Sweet Violet - Deep Purple - Viola odorata ‘Queen Charlotte’
Sweet Violet - Deep Purple

In winter & early spring, the pretty slender stems carry sweetly-scented apricot deep purple flowers among broadly-ovate foliage. This evergreen groundcover grows well in semi-shade with free draining, fertile soil. 25 seeds/No.3.

SWEET VIOLET - Yellow - Viola odorata 'Sulphurea'

In winter & early spring, the pretty slender stems carry sweetly-scented apricot yellow flowers among broadly-ovate foliage. This evergreen groundcover grows well in semi-shade with free draining, fertile soil. 25 seeds/No.3.

RED ORIENTAL POPPY - Papaver orientale 'Beauty of Livermere'

One metre tall, stiff stems carry large dark red flower heads up to 25 cm wide over a long period from spring to late summer. This perennial poppy with its green, hairy foliage thrives in well drained, rich soils and a sunny position with extra liquid fertiliser when in bloom. 200 seeds/No.1/

Sweet Annie - Artemisia annua
Sweet Annie

A popular large, pyramid shaped plant that is sweetly scented. This annual is used for it dark green fern-like foliage that is used in flower arrangement or for drying (where the scent is retained). Small yellow flowers are produced in late summer. Plants can be cut anytime for foliage displays or drying. 150 seeds.

BRIDAL WREATH - Francoa sonchifolia

A very attractive, evergreen perennial with rosettes of spoon shaped leaves and 60cm tall stems, covered in tiny pink-white flowers over months in summer. An excellent cut flower and very hardy rock garden plant for a well drained position in full sun. over 150 seeds /No.1/


TOMATO 'Siletz' - Lycopersicon esculentum
TOMATO 'Siletz'

A very early slicing tomato bred in the NW of America. A vigorous bush variety that will provide several bursts of ripe tomatoes as the season progresses. Flavour packed tomatoes that are sweet, round, red and 10-14 cm in diameter. A parthenocarpic tomato, meaning that it can form fruit naturally even in cold weather. 30 seeds.

Sunflower ‘Double Dazzler’  - Helianthus annuus Dazzler
Sunflower ‘Double Dazzler’

This cheerful yellow, fuzzy faced sunflower is a favourite. The double flower is packed with full, long petals and provides a striking sight. Loves full sun. Keep it happy with water and compost to reach its full fuzziness. Can also be used as a cut flower. Quick to germinate, fast to grow, hardy and fun to look at make these an ideal plant for kids to grow. 12 seeds.

Sunflower ‘Oil Drop’ - Helianthus annuus Oil Drop
Sunflower ‘Oil Drop’

A classic single stem yellow sunflower. The difference with this variety is that it produces medium sized seed with a higher than normal oil content. High oil sunflowers are pressed and used for vegetable oil. They are mostly a mix of oleic acid (omega-9)-linoleic acid (omega-6) oils. Save the seed to eat or press yourself or feed your chooks a healthy snack. 40 seeds.

Lettuce 'Velvet Red' - Lactuca sativa
Lettuce 'Velvet Red'

An unusual lettuce with crisp, deep red leaves that have green undersides. While this lettuce has ornamental value, with the wavy dark red leaves, it is a great addition to the garden as it is slow to bolt in summer. This loose leafed lettuce can be used as a ‘cut and come again’ or harvested when mature. A delicate flavour from baby leaf to mature. 600 seeds.

Spinach ‘Seaside’ F1 - Spinacea oleracea
Spinach ‘Seaside’ F1

A baby leaf variety that is suitable for growing year round. Seaside is a high yielding plant that produces, smooth, thick, succulent leaves. It handles cool winters and is slow to bolt in summer. The plant has an upright habit, for easy harvest and produces dark green leaves that are highly nutritious. It has good resistance to downy mildew. 250 seeds.

Lettuce ‘Apache’ - Lactuca sativa
Lettuce ‘Apache’

A striking lettuce with thick deep red to purple outer leaves and a loose head. Adds a great contrast to a salad dominated by the ‘greenies’. While the outer leaves are a dark colour, the mature heart has green leaves & is crisp & sweet. A versatile lettuce that can be grown through summer (slow to bolt) & winter, where can of put on growth. Pick and come again or harvest mature head. 600 seeds.