About Our Seeds

Our aim is to supply you with quality seed.

On 5 acres we grow seed and use our trials gardens to ensure we have selected the best quality and variety of seed to offer you. All our homegrown seed is hand-picked and hand-cleaned and regular germination tests ensure all our seed has the best chance of success. We stock a wide range of heirloom (heritage) varieties as well as newer varieties that perform well in our trials and taste great.

We also have a network of local growers who supply us. Some are certified organic, but all use only natural, biological or organic methods to ensure seed of excellent quallty and free of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.
We do not stock genetically modified (engineered) seed.

To guarantee supply and to introduce new and unusual varieties, we also source seeds from growers around the world. We are always interested in new varieties from growers and seed collectors. For more information you can contact us through this website or find us at: Salamanca Market - Hobart, Tasmania - Site No.98 near Parliament House, every Saturday (except for a few weeks in winter).

At Southern Harvest we know healthy soil, rich in organic matter and worm activity, is essential for plant health. Our large worm farm has 10,000s of residents helping us to grow (we believe good compost, plenty of soil microbes, worm juice and castings are the goods for plant health).

We welcome all kinds of feedback. We love to receive stories and photographs of your projects and successes. Let us know if we can post them on the website for others to be inspired. We also want to know if you have had any problems. Your feedback gives us a chance to recheck the seed quality, improve our service and we can also offer growing advice.

We have many wonderful photos on our website. Some of the photos are taken by Heinz Ahlemeyer if you are interested in purchasing the rights to the photo please contact us (seeds@southernharvest.com.au) or Heinz (heinzsightphotos@gmail.com).