Welcome to Southern Harvest. 

We are a family-run business that is all about growing - growing healthy, interesting food to share with family and friends, as well as native and cottage plants that bring colour, fragrance and habitat to the garden. Southern Harvest supplies you with quality cottage garden, native and vegetable and herb packet seed, with speedy service and advice.

Nestled on 5 acres at the foothills of Mt Wellington in southern Tasmania, our winters are cold with regular frosts, so we value (and specialise in) plants for cool climates. We know the pleasure and reward of growing a bit of colour for the winterbare garden, as well as having something to take straight from the garden to the kitchen on those dark winter nights. Our daughters, Poppy and Bea, who inspired our logo, are a constant reminder of the joy and good health that gardens can bring to the young, the old and everyone between. We also grow organic garlic that we sell through Salamanca Market or over the internet. We stock a wide range of seeds both old and new varieties, we especially love heirloom (or heritage) seeds and the history associated with them.

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We have many wonderful photos on our website. Some of the photos are taken by Heinz Ahlemeyer if you are interested in purchasing the rights to the photo please contact us (seeds@southernharvest.com.au) or Heinz (heinzsightphotos@gmail.com).

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PEAS  -  SNOW Oregon Giant ‘Snowman’ - Pisum sativum macrocarpon
PEAS - SNOW Oregon Giant ‘Snowman’

This very tall, climbing Snow Pea is a reliable, prolific producer of juicy, sweet 10cm long pods. Grown on a trellis or net these white flowering, climbing peas are a good variety for small areas and childrens’ vegetable gardens. Peas need well drained, limed soil and should be watered well over the summer months. They grow easily in cooler climates and will improve your garden soil. 1 Packet = 80 seeds. Bulk seed available.


BEAN - BUSH  Royal Burgundy' - Phaseolus vulgaris
BEAN - BUSH Royal Burgundy'

A cold tolerant bush type with stringless, tasty round pods, up to 20cm long and a striking purple colour. Best grown in double rows (45cm between rows and 10cm between plants) in spring and summer in intervals of 3 weeks to ensure continued supplies. Pick young pods regularly to promote regrowth. 1 Packet = 40 seeds.

BLACK EYED SUSAN ‘Goldsturm’ - Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivantii

This perennial plant is covered in masses of perfectly shaped golden-yellow flowers with a black central cone. Growing to 70cm and flowering in summer and autumn, it looks best in bold groups. Full sun and fertile soil, quickly forms large clumps when established. 40 seeds.

Beeblossom / Gaura - Gaura lindheimeri ‘Summer Breeze’
Beeblossom / Gaura

This graceful perennial produces hundreds of flowers over a long period (early summer to frost). Pink buds opening to pure white flowers with pink filaments. It handles a wide range of conditions, from cool winters to hot summers. A great cut flower and bee attractant. Prefers well drained soils, full sun and tolerates drought once established. Flowers in first year. 12 seeds.

Red Valerian - Centranthus ruber ‘Rosenrot’
Red Valerian

A charming old fashioned perennial with clusters of light red flowers in late spring and summer, with soft grey green foliage. Flowers in its first year (if started early enough) and makes a great fragrant cut flower. Deadhead to promote more flowering and to prevent self seeding. Self seeds easily. Not for very hot & humid climates. 25 seeds. No. 1.

French Marigold - Tagetes patula
French Marigold

A happy and hardy annual that is easy and fast to grow, bringing colour and beneficial insects to the garden. The petals of the bright yellow and oranges flowers are edible, having a citrus taste. Plant amongst vegies as the leaf helps to repel whitefly while the flowers attract bees, butterflies. Secretions from the root also have an insecticidal effect on nematodes in the soil and is effective as a green manure for this purpose. 70 seeds.

Cucumber 'Mid East Peace' - Cucumis sativas
Cucumber 'Mid East Peace'

An heirloom Lebanese styled cucumber. This productive variety is a must for home gardeners as it has a superb sweet flavour. Fruits have a smooth, thin green skin and a sweet flavour, without bitterness. It can be harvested small for pickling or left to mature (15-20 cm) for salads and slicing. Early and productive in cooler climates. 15 seeds.

POPPY ‘Pandora’ - Papaver rhoeas ‘Pandora'
POPPY ‘Pandora’

A gorgeous annual poppy with a delightful combination of shades, ranging from deepest burgundy-red to pinkish-red, the lower petals are artfully striped with silver-grey. Flowers are a mix of doubles and singles.
Easily grown in a sunny position, it looks beautiful if mass planted. For cut flowers gather early in the morning just as the green sheath is falling from the petals, but the blooms don't last long. Self-seeds. 700 seeds.

TOMATO 'STUPICE' - Lycopersicon esculentem

A very early and cold resistant, one meter tall staking variety from Eastern Europe with medium sized,round red, fruit. Rich flavour and good slicing type. 30 seeds

SHISO -  ‘Britton’ - Perilla frutescens
SHISO - ‘Britton’

An amazing Asian Potherb. An eye-catching salad green with red undersides & a mild mint/basil aroma. The large leaves can be used as wraps for fingerfood or sushi. They turn pickling vinegar a vivid magenta colour (used for pickled ginger). Remove flower buds to extend plant life. Harvest by cutting sprigs above a leaf joint, not cutting more than one-third of plant at a time. 70 seeds.

PINCUSHION ‘Black Knight’ - Scabiosa atropurpurea 'black'
PINCUSHION ‘Black Knight’

Deep dark maroon, almost black flowers on long elegant stems make this a striking annual. The compact, uniform flowers on tall stems make great long lasting cut flowers or an eye catcher in the garden. Needs full sun and well-drained, limy soil in a protected position. Sow in spring for a summer flowering and mid to late summer for a winter flowering. 20 seeds.

Zucchini ‘Costata Romanesco’ - Cucurbita pepo
Zucchini ‘Costata Romanesco’

An Italian heirloom that is one of the best tasting zucchinis around. A great nutty flavour with a firm flesh and texture whether cooked or raw. Can also be picked young with the flowers still attached for the gourmet meal. The skins are prominently ribbed and green with pale green flecks. 15 seeds.

PUMPKIN ‘Spagetti Squash’ - Curcurbita pepo
PUMPKIN ‘Spagetti Squash’

Grow your own spaghetti! When cooked, this amazing oblong squash has tasty, ribbony flesh that can be topped with your favourite sauce! Baked, boiled or steamed, it is a delicious sweetly nutty vegie on its own, as well as a nutritious, high fibre, low-calorie pasta-substitute. 15 seeds.

PUMPKIN ‘Buttercup’ - Curcurbita maxima
PUMPKIN ‘Buttercup’

A medium-small pumpkin with rich, sweet, fibreless flesh. A dark grey/green skin that is contrasted with deep orange flesh. Averages 3-4 pumpkins per plant at 1.3-2.5 kg. One of our favourite dry pumpkins. Stores well if cured in a dry, airy environment. 15 seeds.

Cup and Saucer Vine - Cobaea scandens
Cup and Saucer Vine

A vigorous, ‘plant and stand back’ vine with stunning, dark-purple, cup-shaped flowers year round. A great ‘quick fix’ for pergolas, ugly walls etc. Native to Mexico, it thrives in warm conditions, but tolerates cool climates, too. Can handle very light frosts. Prefers full sun.  10 seeds. Not to WA.

Endive & Escarole Mix  - Cichorium endiva
Endive & Escarole Mix

A perfect mix of fine (endive) and broader (escarole) leafed European greens. These mildly bitter greens grow well through the cooler months. While these varieties all have slightly different maturing dates for a full head harvest, leaves can harvested as kitchen demand requires. Grows well in fertile, moist soil with plenty of sun. 60 seeds.