Welcome to Southern Harvest. 

We are a family-run business that is all about growing - growing healthy, interesting food to share with family and friends, as well as native and cottage plants that bring colour, fragrance and habitat to the garden. Southern Harvest supplies you with quality cottage garden, native and vegetable and herb packet seed, with speedy service and advice.

Nestled on 5 acres at the foothills of Mt Wellington in southern Tasmania, our winters are cold with regular frosts, so we value (and specialise in) plants for cool climates. We know the pleasure and reward of growing a bit of colour for the winterbare garden, as well as having something to take straight from the garden to the kitchen on those dark winter nights. Our daughters, Poppy and Bea, who inspired our logo, are a constant reminder of the joy and good health that gardens can bring to the young, the old and everyone between. We also grow organic garlic that we sell through Salamanca Market or over the internet. We stock a wide range of seeds both old and new varieties, we especially love heirloom (or heritage) seeds and the history associated with them.

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We look forward to meeting some of you at the Salamanca Market stall (Site 98- opposite the steps of the Supreme Court). Happy gardening!

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We have many wonderful photos on our website. Some of the photos are taken by Heinz Ahlemeyer if you are interested in purchasing the rights to the photo please contact us (seeds@southernharvest.com.au) or Heinz (heinzsightphotos@gmail.com).

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RUSSELL LUPINS - Lupinus 'Carnival Mixture'

A colourful lupin mixture of large flowering spikes during the first year in pure creamy white, burgundy, yellow, blue and multi-coloured combinations. These striking 100 - 120 cm tall pioneer plants do well in poor, light soils and will bloom from spring to mid-summer requiring extra watering during dry periods. For full sun to semi-shade with no extra fertiliser or lime. 25 seeds/No.8/

POPPY ~ Peony ‘Black’  - Papaver paeoniflorum 'Black'
POPPY ~ Peony ‘Black’

A dark and stunning double for the garden that when in full bloom will even get the gnomes talking. A deep, deep red/burgundy that is almost black. Popular and easy to grow. Seed heads can be dried and used in flower arrangements. Prefers full sun and well drained soil. Self seeds but crosses with other varieties, throwing interesting hybrids. Grows to 90 cm. 1,000 seeds. Not to WA.

Nasturtium ‘Jewel Peach Melba’ - Tropaeolum nanum
Nasturtium ‘Jewel Peach Melba’

Jewel Peach Melba is gorgeous variety with semi-double, creamy yellow flowers (to 5 cm) with red centres. It is a dwarf, bushy annual that flowers from summer-autumn. Flowers, leaves and young seed pods are a spicy addition to fresh salads. A frost tender annual that readily self seeds.

BLACK CORAL PEA - Kennedia nigricans

This slightly frost-tender evergreen climber has very attractive, unusual black and yellow pea flowers in spring and summer. A bird attracting, fast growing species, which can cover large areas in a short time, ideal for embankments. Cut back after flowering to promote dense habit. For a sunny position in well drained soil. Salt tolerant. Not to WA. 30 seeds/No.5/

Carrot ‘All Seasons’ - Daucas carota ssp. Sativus
Carrot ‘All Seasons’

A carrot for all the seasons! A popular orange variety that grows to 22 cm long, with a tapered end. Large, crunchy and full of flavour – just what you want from any home grown carrot. For winter eating sow in late summer or early autumn in a well-drained soil/position to prevent the roots cracking. Has good disease resistance. 800 seeds.

QUEEN ANNE'S LACE - Ammi majus

A beautiful annual cut flower with 1m tall umbels covered in numerous small white flowers and basal, ferny leaves. It needs a sheltered, but sunny position with average, but quite moist soil. Cut flowers regularly to promote regrowth. Often self seeds. 250 seeds/No.2/

MEXICAN MARIGOLD - Tagetes lemonii

One of the happiest bushy perennials you will come across. It is covered in golden-orange marigold flowers most of the year and the light-green leaves release a sweet, passionfruit scent when brushed up against or the breeze catches the bush. It grows to 1.5 metres, is ideal for cottage gardens and rockeries, needs a warm, sheltered position with plenty of sun. Handles a very light frost. 50 seeds.

PERENNIAL CORNFLOWER - Centaurea montana

An old fashioned cottage garden plant with large dark blue, feathery flowers from spring until autumn on 50 cm tall stems and healthy blue-green leaves covered in silver hairs. A beautiful cut flower which grows well in fertile soil in full sun or part shade. 20 seeds/No.1/

BEE-BALM / OSWEGO TEA - Monarda didyma

Beebalm is a hardy perennial growing to 110 cm & has a long history of medicinal use where both the flowers and leaves have been used. The mostly red flowers were used by North Americans Indians to make tea which were used in treatments for colds, stomach aches and insomnia. The edible flowers and aromatic leaves are also used as a culinary addition. As the name implies, Beebalm attracts bees and other beneficial insects. Used as a cut flower. 35 seeds.

Chilli ‘Scotch Bonnet’ - Capsicum annum
Chilli ‘Scotch Bonnet’

A very hot chilli used extensively in the Caribbean that is destined to get you doing unique salsa dance moves once eaten!! With the heat also comes a sweeter, tropical fruity flavour. Used in a range of dishes, sauces and condiments. Unripe the chillis are light green and they get hotter as they ripen orange. A squat shaped chilli that resembles a bonnet. 15 seeds.

BERGAMONT, LEMON - Monarda citriodora

A hardy annual with attractive lavender coloured flowers and bright green leaves that have a minty scent when crushed. The leaves are excellent for making herbal teas, flavouring salads and add great flavour when cooked with fish or gamey meats. The flowers are two tiered and the seed heads can be dried and used in arrangements. 200 seeds.

ZUCCHINI – ‘Yellow Crookneck’ - Cucurbita pepo
ZUCCHINI – ‘Yellow Crookneck’

Popular for over 150 years, this easy-to-grow zucchini has a curiously bent, swan-necked. A bush variety that produces an abundance of fruit best eaten young when it has a sweet, buttery flavour & firm texture. 20 seeds.

Zucchini ‘Costata Romanesco’ - Cucurbita pepo
Zucchini ‘Costata Romanesco’

An Italian heirloom that is one of the best tasting zucchinis around. A great nutty flavour with a firm flesh and texture whether cooked or raw. Can also be picked young with the flowers still attached for the gourmet meal. The skins are prominently ribbed and green with pale green flecks. 15 seeds.

BEAN - BROAD 'Scarlet Cambridge' - Vicia faba
BEAN - BROAD 'Scarlet Cambridge'

This old English variety has very attractive, scarlet purple bean seeds and green bean pods on 1m tall stems with white flowers. Very young pods can be eaten whole (cooked) or later during summer the large bean inside can be cooked. Broad Beans are one of the earliest crops to mature in cool, temperate climates. 10 seeds. Not to WA.

SWEET VIOLET - Yellow - Viola odorata 'Sulphurea'

In winter & early spring, the pretty slender stems carry sweetly-scented apricot yellow flowers among broadly-ovate foliage. This evergreen groundcover grows well in semi-shade with free draining, fertile soil. 25 seeds/No.3.

AVENS ‘Mrs Bradshaw’ - Geum coccineum x quellyon
AVENS ‘Mrs Bradshaw’

An old-fashioned, evergreen perennial that has a long bloom period. It has hairy, pinnate leaves and tall stems topped with panicles of brilliant orange-red flowers. In warm climates it may be annual. ‘Mrs. Bradshaw’ is one plant that you can say is frost-hardy, good looking, long flowering and trouble free. An excellent cut flower. For the herbaceous border with organic soil, in full sun with good drainage. 30 seeds.