Welcome to Southern Harvest. 

We are a family-run business that is all about growing - growing healthy, interesting food to share with family and friends, as well as native and cottage plants that bring colour, fragrance and habitat to the garden. Southern Harvest supplies you with quality cottage garden, native and vegetable and herb packet seed, with speedy service and advice.

Nestled on 5 acres at the foothills of Mt Wellington in southern Tasmania, our winters are cold with regular frosts, so we value (and specialise in) plants for cool climates. We know the pleasure and reward of growing a bit of colour for the winterbare garden, as well as having something to take straight from the garden to the kitchen on those dark winter nights. Our daughters, Poppy and Bea, who inspired our logo, are a constant reminder of the joy and good health that gardens can bring to the young, the old and everyone between. We also grow organic garlic that we sell through Salamanca Market or over the internet. We stock a wide range of seeds both old and new varieties, we especially love heirloom (or heritage) seeds and the history associated with them.

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We look forward to meeting some of you at the Salamanca Market stall (Site 98- opposite the steps of the Supreme Court). Happy gardening!

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We have many wonderful photos on our website. Some of the photos are taken by Heinz Ahlemeyer if you are interested in purchasing the rights to the photo please contact us (seeds@southernharvest.com.au) or Heinz (heinzsightphotos@gmail.com).

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SQUASH ‘Sunburst’ - Cucurbita pepo
SQUASH ‘Sunburst’

A great eating yellow squash. It is a fun flying saucer shape with scalloped edges, making it irresistible for kids to try, especially when they help grow it themselves. Delicious raw, steamed, sautéed, grilled, roasted, fried or baked. Harvest young with flower still attached or at tennis ball size. 10 seeds.

PUMPKIN ‘Red Kuri’ - Curcurbita maxima
PUMPKIN ‘Red Kuri’

A good looking and great tasting pumpkin with sweet, firm flesh with a delicate and mellow flavor similar to the taste of chestnuts. It is teardrop shaped and bright orange-red. Each plant will bear multiple fruits that weigh 1.8 – 3.5 kgs. Very versatile in the kitchen – use boiled, baked, in soups, stew, in risotto, steamed or sautéed. 10 seeds.

PUMPKIN ‘Buttercup’ - Curcurbita maxima
PUMPKIN ‘Buttercup’

A medium-small pumpkin with rich, sweet, fibreless flesh. A dark grey/green skin that is contrasted with deep orange flesh. Averages 3-4 pumpkins per plant at 1.3-2.5 kg. One of our favourite dry pumpkins. Stores well if cured in a dry, airy environment. 15 seeds.

PUMPKIN ‘Spagetti Squash’ - Curcurbita pepo
PUMPKIN ‘Spagetti Squash’

Grow your own spaghetti! When cooked, this amazing oblong squash has tasty, ribbony flesh that can be topped with your favourite sauce! Baked, boiled or steamed, it is a delicious sweetly nutty vegie on its own, as well as a nutritious, high fibre, low-calorie pasta-substitute. 15 seeds.

KALE ‘Toscano’ - Brassica oleracea L. var. acephala
KALE ‘Toscano’

Also known as 'Cavolo Nero'. A highly nutritious green that is popular in central Italy for its use in soups and stews, especially through the winter months. The leaves grow to 30 cm long and 5-8cm wide, are dark green and have a heavily savoyed /crinkled appearance. Frost and snow improve its flavour. It is not only great to eat but also very ornamental. Harvest leaves as you need them after 50 days. About 500 seeds.

Cucumber ‘Suyo Long’ - Cucumis sativas
Cucumber ‘Suyo Long’

A sweet tasting, bitter free cucumber from China. The tender, crisp fruit grow up to 35cm long. An unusual variety that is adapted to a wide range of conditions, high yielding and maintains a fine flavour even under poor growing conditions. Use fresh or pickled. Young fruit are spiney and become smoother at peak maturity. 15 seeds.

ONION 'Sheffield Red' - Allium cepa
ONION 'Sheffield Red'

These large, dark-red skinned, globe-shaped onions are an excellent, good-yielding, winter crop, best suited to cooler climates. Stores for 5 months. Onions are high in vitamin C, iron, sulphur and fibre. Red onions add colour and flavour to cooked dishes, as well as served raw in sandwiches and salads. 1 Packet = 200 Seeds.

Mizuna - Brassica rapa Jap. Group

These Japanese greens belong to the Oriental brassicas and will supply you with spicy salad leaves over winter and spring.This very attractive, deeply dissected foliage grows well in ordinary soil with plenty of moisture. Good for inter-cropping with sweet corn, asparagus or artichokes. Can be sown from early spring until late autumn. 1000 seeds

SOYBEAN - Glycine max

A soybean of excellent quality that can be used for green for ‘edamame’, dried or for making soy milk and tofu. A high yielding variety that matures over a week earlier than other varieties.  The Japanese dish of edamame consists of immature soybeans in the pod steamed or boiled and served with salt. Soy beans also make an excellent summer green manure. 80 seeds. Not to WA.

SUNFLOWER ‘Happy Hobbit’ - Helianthus annuus
SUNFLOWER ‘Happy Hobbit’

Short in stature with a big head and cheerful disposition. This Halfling variety grows to about 1.2 m and has a flower head a tad smaller than the Giant Russian. Strong and sturdy they are a great option for windy positions and much earlier flowering than the taller varieties. Produces a large amount of seed to feed middle earth folk or chooks. 20 seeds.

Spinach ‘Flamingo’ F1 - Spinacea oleracea
Spinach ‘Flamingo’ F1

An Asian style spinach with smooth, dark green leaves on long stems. The arrow-shaped leaves can be harvested young or old and have good flavour and crunch. A ‘cut and come again’ variety with a long harvest period. It has good bolt resistance but for best flavour grow for harvest in cooler months. Good resistance to downy mildew. 200 seeds.

TURNIP ‘Hakurei’ F1 - Brassica rapa
TURNIP ‘Hakurei’ F1

Forget your prejudice against turnips. This variety tastes better and stays smoother as it sizes, while other turnips get a coarser flesh. This variety is superb raw, with a crisp, sweet, fruity taste. We eat it raw in salads or cooked in stir fries, pies and stew. Also adds a good flavour to stock. Hakurei has white, flat-round, smooth roots that matures, best harvested young, 5-8cm diam. The dark green leaves can be eaten raw or lightly cooked. 100 seeds.

SHISO -  ‘Britton’ - Perilla frutescens
SHISO - ‘Britton’

An amazing Asian Potherb. An eye-catching salad green with red undersides & a mild mint/basil aroma. The large leaves can be used as wraps for fingerfood or sushi. They turn pickling vinegar a vivid magenta colour (used for pickled ginger). Remove flower buds to extend plant life. Harvest by cutting sprigs above a leaf joint, not cutting more than one-third of plant at a time. 70 seeds.

SHISO  ‘Green’ - Perilla frutescens
SHISO ‘Green’

Amazing Asian Potherb.
A great Asian herb with an interesting cinnamon, clove and cumin flavour and aroma. The large leaves can be used as wraps for fingerfood and in sushi and salads. Remove flower buds to extend plant life. Harvest by cutting sprigs above a leaf joint. 100 seeds.

Lettuce 'Parris Island Cos' - Lactuca sativa
Lettuce 'Parris Island Cos'

A shorter Cos-Type lettuce with bright green longish, crisp-textured, distinctly flavoured leaves, which need about 3 months to mature. Can withstand hot and dry conditions well without going to seed. Also good for intercropping between large, perennial vegetables or as a pot plant. 400 seeds


EGGPLANT ‘Lavender Blush’ F1 - Solanum melongena
EGGPLANT ‘Lavender Blush’ F1

A good looking and tasting eggplant. Lavender with white streaks and grows to 10 cm long. Great yield with a creamy sweet flavour (no bitterness). Great for grilling or in middle-eastern dishes. Good for areas with shorter summers, plant in a sheltered sunny position for best results. 15 seeds.