Australia is losing large amounts of topsoil every year due to erosion. Thousands of hectares of land turn into deserts also destroying the habitat for many animal species. We need to keep the soil with native plants.

Do not try to sow seeds over large areas, but start with creating 'islands' of a few square metres in areas with good or better soil to establish a habitat for new species. This way plants protect one another. Good first 'sowing stations' are around dams, near established trees or shrubs, near taller grasses or in bracken.

Think small, start with grasses, small perennials (Diplarrena, Dianella, Triggerplant) and shrubs or pioneer plants (Acacias, Silver wattle) and move on to bigger species, once an understorey has developed.

Stop slashing, let grasses and bracken come back so they can self seed and create the understorey or microclimates for your young plants, protecting them from frost, wind, heat, rabbits and other wildlife.

Keep blackberries under control ( they often suffocate if surrounded by bracken ).

Controlled back burning improves soil and breaks seed dormancy of many native species, so they will germinate even after many years.

If you want to improve the soil, you can sow green manure plants first. Native soil improver are Acacia, Allocasurinas, Indigo, etc.

If you cannot live without plenty of colourful flowers, try a Native Cottage Garden Mix.

Seeds for revegetation - Suitable for direct sowing

Exposed areas, poor soil, embankments, erosion control & Pioneer species Native

 Acacia sophorae, Acacia dealbata, Agonis, Allocasurina, Bulbine, Diplarrena, Dodonea, Hardenbergia, Helichrysum, Indigo, Kennedia, Pelargonium, Wahlenbergia

Hot and dry (inland)

 Agonis, Allocasurina, Banksias, Brachycome, Helichrysum, Helipterum, Poas

Wet & boggy soil

Acacia dealbata, Carex fasicularis, Dianella, Gahnia, Leptospermum, Patersonia, Stylidium

Native Cottage Garden Mixture

Blandfordia, Brachycome, Bulbine, Dianella, Diplarrena, Hardenbergia, Helichrysum, Helipterum, Indigo, Kennedia, Patersonia, Pelargonium, Stylidium, Thelionema, Viola, Wahlenbergia


If you are a seed collector, we are always interested in new varieties.