Favourite Links, Books and ....

Astrantia majorFavourite Links and Resources 

Below is a list of our favourite links, authors, books and whatever else comes to mind (note we are still building this page).



Permaculture Tasmania 
A great local permaculture site sharing the wisdom, skills and love of a great practical/integrated way to grow your food. https://permaculturetasmania.com/

Eliot Coleman
For people who are interested in growing on a larger scale Coleman's books are great. Plenty of ideas in there for smaller gardeners as well but primarily for larger-scale growers.

FIMBY                                        http://www.fimby.com.au/
Food in My Backyard! Need help setting up a garden in Tasmania? Juliet and Christina are happy to help you get started and keep you running with their enthusiasm and knowledge. A great website with lots of info and foodie bits 'n bites (there are some great recipes on there).

Woodbridge Nursery           http://www.woodbridgenursery.com.au/
Dan and Zöe Magnus are full of knowledge and get up and go. They offer a great list of perennials, cottage flowers, medicinal plants, herbs, hedging plants, and natives that can be delivered directly to your door nationwide with Australia Post.

The Food Garden Group      http://foodgardengroup.blogspot.com.au/
A committed group of growers from southern Tasmania who like to share their ideas and skills on the blog and in person. They visit gardens to check out how others are going and share ideas (click the 'past visits' tab).

more to come......  :  )