TOMATILLO ‘Verde Puebla’

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Botanical Name
Physalis ixocarpa

A delicious & essential addition to Mexican salsas, green sauces & stews. Once on Aztec menus, the 3-5cm fruit is firmer than a tomato & tastes similar to a tangy lemon, only sweeter. This perennial, grown as an annual where frost occurs, requires staking & will keep bearing fruit until killed by frost. Grow as you would tomatoes. Harvest fruit when plump & papery husk splits. Fruit store for 2-4 weeks. 40 seeds. Not to WA.

Sowing Periods
Cool Climate Periods
Sep 1st to Nov 30th
Temperate Climate Periods
Aug 1st to Dec 31st
Tropical & Sub-Tropical Climate Periods
Aug 1st to Feb 27th