Oscilating/Stirrup Hoe - 125 mm


• For weed control and cultivation between narrow-planted rows of crops and/or along edges. Cuts weeds just below the surface;
• An oscillating hoe is much more efficient than a standard hoe. Cuts in both directions. The blade of the oscillating hoe works parallel to the ground in an easy push and pull motion, cutting weeds in both directions, replacing exhausting and back breaking work of with a standard hoe.
• We stock replacement blades (we have not had to replace ours yet and we have used them for years).
• Comes in three sizes – 85 mm, 125 mm and 175 mm. This size is 125 mm.
• Powder coated for rust protection.
• Handle not included. Ships as a large item (postage $11.50). Photo to come.