Land Cress - Cabbage Moth

1 pkt
Botanical Name
Barbarea vulgaris

The friend of brassica crops!! Research from the University of Queensland has shown that this plant is the perfect foil for cabbage moth/butterfly, as they are attracted to this cress and lay their eggs on the leaves. The hatching caterpillars of the Diamond Moth and Large Cabbage Moth munch on the leaves and drop dead! The common White Cabbage Moth caterpillar is not killed by the leaves but the land cress can be used as a trap for them, as the eggs hatch either pull the plants and feed to the chooks/bin or spray with Dipel. Your kales, cabbages etc. are relatively left alone. Also known as Rocketcress, Bittercress or Yellow Rocket. Sow amongst your brassica crops. 150 seeds.

Sowing Periods
Cool Climate Periods
Aug 1st to Mar 31st
Temperate Climate Periods
Jan 1st to Dec 31st
Tropical & Sub-Tropical Climate Periods
Feb 1st to Sep 30th