MIZUNA ‘Purple’

1 pkt
Botanical Name
Brassica rapa Japonica. Group

A fast growing salad green with a distinctive purple tinge on the margins. The leaves are gently spicy and add colour to salads and stir fries. The attractive, deeply-dissected foliage grows well in ordinary soil. We love mizuna as it provides two crops of valuable greens when lettuces are idle or growing slowly. 400 seeds.

Frost Resilience
Frost Hardy
Fast germinating seeds
Sow Method
Sowing Instructions
Sow direct into garden, (thinning to 20cm between plants). Quick to bolt in warm weather or when transplanted. Cover seeds thinly and keep moist.
0.2 m
Row Space
0.4 m
Sowing Periods
Cool Climate Periods
Aug 1st to Oct 30th
Jan 1st to Apr 30th
Temperate Climate Periods
Mar 1st to Sep 30th
Tropical & Sub-Tropical Climate Periods
Mar 1st to Sep 30th