CHILLI 'Bulgarian Carrot'

1 pkt
Botanical Name
Capsicum annum

A vibrant orange, medium to hot chilli known as ‘Shipkas’ in their Bulgarian home (although there’s debate over whether it originated in Hungry first). This heirloom has a fruitiness to accompany the heat. A thicker fleshed chilli that is super crunchy & is used fresh, roasted, pickled or in chutneys. While it has some cold tolerance in cooler areas it’s best sown in a sheltered position. 15 seeds.

Frost Resilience
Sow Method
Sowing Instructions
Sow in pots/cells to transplant later. Keep moist & warm, seeds are slow to germinate in cooler soil. In cooler areas sow indoors to transplant once frosts have passed & soiled warmed. Prepare soil with quality compost.
Sowing Periods
Cool Climate Periods
Sep 1st to Nov 30th
Temperate Climate Periods
Aug 1st to Dec 31st
Tropical & Sub-Tropical Climate Periods
Jan 1st to Dec 31st