KALE ‘Red Ruble’

1 pkt
Botanical Name
Brassica napus pabularia

This Russian/Siberian kale has distinctive dark red, serrated edges (looking like it has been marinated in a cab-sav!!) The young leaves are tender and mild flavoured, making them a hit for salad mixes where the colour and texture help fill out a salad. The underside is a cream colour, so it is very striking on the curled edges. Reputed to have an iron content up to ten times higher than for other kale varieties. Frost and snow improve its flavour. 250 seeds.

Sowing Periods
Cool Climate Periods
Sep 1st to Feb 27th
Temperate Climate Periods
Sep 1st to Apr 30th
Tropical & Sub-Tropical Climate Periods
Mar 1st to Jun 30th