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Brussel Sprouts

BrSprouts Long Island

Sds/g: 250-350                    Feed Requirements: Moderate                         Usual Seed Life: 3-4 years

Cultural Notes:

  • Later maturing varieties are taller, more productive and tend to be a bit easier to grow. Brussels sprouts will grow on heavier soils where cabbage and broccoli tend to struggle but they grow best on a well-drained, loam soil well supplied with organic matter. Plant seed 1cm deep and space with 75 x 90cm centres. Feed similar as to broccoli but with less nitrogen oomph, otherwise the plants will get too tall and blow over in the wind unless adequately staked.


  • Aphids and cabbage worms are the biggest problems. Spray Dipel for the cabbage worms and pyrethrum for the aphids until the chill of autumn arrives.


  • Frosts increase the sugar content, the tightness and tenderness of the buds. As harvesting from the bottom-up pull off the leaves as you go so that more energy is put into the developing buds.



Brassica Family for Health:

Much research has focused on the beneficial phytochemicals and sulpher containing compounds in the brassica family (eg. cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts and some Asian greens). These help activate and stabilize the body's antioxidant and detoxification mechanisms that dismantle and eliminate cancer-producing substances. Recent studies show that people who eat more Brassica family vegetables have a much lower risk of breast, prostrate and colon cancer and they have a positive effect on peptic ulcers. To get the most out of these vegetables they should be lightly sautéed, steamed or eaten raw.

Sowing periods

Cool Climate Periods
Dec 1st to Jan 31st
Temperate Climate Periods
Dec 1st to Apr 30th
Tropical & Sub-Tropical Climate Periods
Feb 1st to May 30th
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Botanical Name
Brassica oleracea (gemmifera group)

A heavy cropping brussel sprout with smooth medium sized sprouts, that are compact and of excellent quality. This ‘late’ sprout is triggered by decreasing day lengths in autumn. The sprouts will hold well on the plant through winter, so harvest them fresh as you need them. 20 seeds.

1 pkt
Botanical Name
Brassica oleracea (gemmifera group)

An heirloom brussel sprout that was the main commercial variety used until hybrids became the preferred varieties. A compact bush that produces sprouts 3-4 cm across over a long period. 400 seeds.