Vegetable Seeds Catalogue

Bean, Runner

Sds/g: 1-3                              Feed Requirements: Low                                   Usual Seed Life:2-3 yrs

Cultural Notes:

  • Runner beans (aka 7 year bean) grow best in cooler temperatures or partially shaded areas.  If given the room they will easily grow over 2m. Fertilise like the other beans except give them a lot more space, 1 square metres of growing room. Do not forget to put in some system of support that they can climb up (but make longer than for climbing beans).
  • They are known as a 7 year bean as they are a perennial bean. However, in areas with very harsh winters or poorly drained soil the root structure will not survive the cold or will rot.
  • Not only is the Scarlet Runner a beautiful ornamental with bright red blossoms it is also one of the tastiest beans.


  • Wind is a problem with these, try to plant in a sheltered spot.


  • Pick continually and before the pods are fully grown to get the best tasting beans and to extend the harvest and yield.

Sowing periods

Cool Climate Periods
Oct 15th to Dec 31st
Temperate Climate Periods
Sep 15th to Feb 28th
1 pkt
Botanical Name
Phaseolus coccineus ‘Alba’

An unusual variety of ‘seven year’ runner bean. Similar to the scarlet runner except with beautiful white flowers and beans. The preferred runner bean grown in The Netherlands due to the thick, succulent tender pods, which are delicious when picked young and eaten raw, steamed or in soup. Shell, pod and dry mature beans for storage and use like lima beans in soups or salads. 10 seeds.

1 pkt
Botanical Name
Phaseolus coccineus

A short lived, perennial bean with beautiful red flowers and a vigorous climber for a sheltered, but not too warm position. The large 20-30cm long pods are delicious when picked young. Sow after frost period has passed and water well while in bloom. 35 seeds