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Botanical Name
Cucurbita pepo

A mild flavoured zucchini that is extremely popular in Mexico and southwestern USA. Similar to a Lebanese zuc with light mottled green, cylindrical fruits taper to the stem end, just a smaller bulb end with a milder tatse. For the best flavour pick when 12-16 cm long. Use in stir fries, zucchini slice, pickled, steamed or stuffed. Great for BBQs. 15 seeds.

Frost Resilience
Sowing Instructions
Sow direct to garden or into pots to transplant. For early sowing in cooler areas start indoors and transplant once weather and soil have warmed. For a long harvest and healthy plants sow again after 2 months after first sowing. Water regularly.
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Botanical Name
Apium graveolens var dulce

This herb has been used for centuries in Chinese cooking. The aromatic leaves are vivid green with a peppery, celery flavour that sweetens when cooked. It is used in stir fries, soups, stews and rice dishes or added raw (sparingly) to salads for a bit of a kick. Leaves and stems can be used. Fast growing and produces high yields. 500 seeds.